North Coast Beef


Local    Humane    Sustainable



Š      Because you believe in healthy, flavorful beef…


-   North Coast Meats offers flavorful, healthy beef to you and your family. No hormones. No antibiotics. No feedlots. Nothing but sunshine, green pastures, the best possible nutrition, and superb care.


-   Our beef is high in beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA’s) and low in cholesterol. North Coast cows live in a pristine coastal environment and graze on CCOF-certified organic pastures. The health of each and every animal is checked twice daily.


Š      Because you believe in supporting local community and local ranchers…


-   North Coast Beef is local, and not just in name. It comes from the ranches located in Marin and Sonoma Counties. 


-   Ranchers are the foundation of our local agriculture economy. Our ranchers are producing meat of remarkable quality while safeguarding some of the finest pastures in the United States. We believe they should be paid accordingly.


-   Not only does North Coast purchase animals at a price that is well above the market, but a significant proportion of our profit goes back to our the producer. So when you buy North Coast Beef, you are supporting local agriculture directly.     


Š      Because you believe in humane treatment of animals and in sustainable farming practices…


-   Our ranchers have been certified humane by the American Humane Society. Moreover, their farming practices are audited and certified sustainable under the North Coast Excellence program.


-   North Coast Meats is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of meat production even beyond pasture raising.  We have discovered that the most environmentally efficient way to produce beef is to raise one animal that supplies both milk and meat.


Š      Because you believe sustainable, local beef should be for everyone….


-   Just as Northcoast Meats pays our ranchers fairly, we are committed to the principle that you, our customer, deserve local meat at affordable prices.



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